Visualizing SoCloMo – Social, Cloud and Mobile – security issues

Visualizing SoCloMo – Social, Cloud and Mobile – security issues

This visualization highlights the main security issues encountered in social media, cloud computing and mobile technologies (SoCloMO). It also depicts the key risk mitigation measures as they are presented in the scientific literature.

Five major steps were carried out in developing the map. First, a literature review was conducted to uncover what is known in the body of knowledge related to SoCloMo security issues. A second step involved the identification of the main concepts related to the topic. About 220 concepts were identified at this stage, they were merely presented as list. The third step involved organizing this list in a hierarchical structure. This process focused on two types of relation:  Meronymic relations—A is part of B—and hyponymic relations— (A is a B). Merging and organizing the concepts brought the total concepts to 165.  The fourth step consisted of the development of the radial structure using the Bostock’s D3 JavaScript library. The type of graph that is represented is based on the radial Reingold Tilford tree. Finally, the rendered SVG graph was exported to Adobe Illustrator, at this stage, the final layout was created and refined.


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